Beulah Lodge - Free and Accepted Masons

    Our current location which took the talents of many brothers and friends from Beulah Lodge, Lodges from Evansville, and the surrounding area to make the Masonic Lodge of today. It has taken its toll on time, energy, money, and periodically frustration set in. For we built this beautiful lodge without borrowing any money. Consequently, it took longer than expected to get to a finished facility and prepared for dedication. We did receive approval to use the lodge room on November 18th, 1992, performing our first degree work on March 1st, 1993.
   During our dedication ceremony, November 16th, 1996, Beulah Lodge publicly thanked all those participants who gave their energy, time, materials, talents, and/or money, to make our new home a reality. A home occupied by a productive and prosperous social brotherhood of our community.
  Beulah Lodge No. 578 F.& A.M. will celebrate 186 years in the Mount Vernon area, 161 contiguous years, and their 125th anniversary of the charter in 2015. Beulah Lodge No. 578 F.& A.M. is proud to represent Mt. Vernon’s oldest fraternal organization.

Rent the Lodge

Our building has been used for wedding receptions, retirement parties, birthdays, and as an election center for Mt. Vernon. Our facilities offer a commercial kitchen with two ovens and stoves as well as plenty of space to create the right atmosphere for your event.

If you would like to book our building for an event please contact Darwin Willhide at 812-781-8999.